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Material: Canvas recycled , leather
Size app: 29x26cm
handle adjustable app: 15 0 cm
Flap w/ magnet lock
Main+back compartment w/ zipper
Inner: 2 open pocket s
extra zipped pocket
Material: canvas printed, lether
Size app. 40x40x8 cm, DINA4
Handle adjustable app. 165cm
2 front compartments w/ zipper
Envelope w/ magnet lock
Back and main compartment w/ zipper
Material: canvas printed, leather
Size app. 30x30x10 cm
Handle adjustable app.: 170cm
Front pocket w/ zipper
pen holder
Main+back pocket w/ zipper
Inerior division
Zip pocket, 2 plug-in pockets
Material: canvas
Size app. 40x37-50x9cm, DIN A4
Straps adjustable app. 120cm,extra hand handle
Flap with carabiner closure
Front+main compartments with zipper
Interior division: 4 open pockets
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